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An introduction to The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program (an message board)
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Success Stories

In the trash you go...
(Sabrina - hicks613)

Hi everyone. I've been crazy busy baking wedding cakes and just haven't had time to get on the message board, but know that I've been pulling for each and every one of you.
According to my excel spreadsheet, I've lost an average of 7.0 lbs in 3 weeks. However, for curiosity sake, I calculate my weekly totals from a Monday to Sunday perspective, Monday being my weigh-in day, and I've actually lost 11 lbs! Don't worry, I'm anal not that anal about the number, just keeping myself honest and motivated. I even have a section for my measurements that I want to take once per month.

I'm still holding fast to my testimony that if I just keep the faith, the weight will come off. I added the exercise option because I feel if I'm going to be in a fat burning mode I might as well make my body burn more of it in the process. The one promise I made to myself (to prevent boredom) is that I won't due the same exercise twice per week. So I'm walking around blocks, down to the riverfront or doing a tape, etc. I haven't once not wanted to do it.

I must say my clothes are starting to fit differently and that 1 of my 2 rolls around my tummy has decreased enough for me to notice in my clothes. Also I'm back into my 38DD bras and the 42DDs are on the closet floor. I keep praying that my cravings stay away!

BTW--I delivered a wedding cake to a client and the man who was doing their sweet table was really nice and gave me a whole cheesecake with pecans, caramel and oreo cookies on top. I tried to decline, but he wouldn't hear of it. So I did something I never thought I'd ever do. I went to a friend's house, rang the doorbell, her husband answered and I literally shoved it in his hands, blew him a kiss, and fled the scene.

I cried all the way home. Not because I wanted the cheesecake, but because I WAS IN CONTROL and didn't let it control me. I got out of my car, wooped for joy, probably scared a few birds and squirrels and went and got some water. Since then more sweets have been given to me (16 Klondike bars from Sam's and a full pound of Godiva chocolate) and I've given them all away.

I know this has gotten long, but I feel great and hope each and every one of you feel this same kind of relief from sugar and carbs! I just needed my new partners in this WOE to know that we can do this.


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