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An introduction to The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program (an message board)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you eat for breakfast?

A: Our second most asked questions. Hopefully the posts below, in addition to some tasty breakfast recipes, will help you get some ideas.

Don't lose heart
(Annette - school_sec)

I remember when I first started this woe I got pretty sick of eggs too but now I usually only cook them on weekends. Sometimes I boil up some to have during the week but I don't eat them daily! Maybe some of these other breakfast ideas will help until you get used to thinking about breakfast differently.

The first question I always ask is if you weren't following this woe what would you have for breakfast? Not surprisingly most people answer cereal, bagels, muffins, toast, fruit etc. All carbs! Its no wonder we spiral into an eating frenzy when we don't following this woe.

So our second question needs to be what foods can we substitute for breakfast. Remember you can have veggies too not just protein. Need a quick breakfast or a portable one, how about celery and cream cheese. Don't care for cream cheese how about a spreadable cheddar instead. Don't care for celery, have it with cucumber or bell pepper slices.

Do you have some leftover meat in the fridge (from dinner) how about a piece of leftover chicken for breakfast. Chicken strips, or chicken salad made with cucumber, celery, green onion and mayo. Does your market's deli have sliced meat -- I sometimes buy 2-3 slices of sirlion at the deli and have it for breakfast for a few days.

One of my favorite breakfasts is a handful of colby-jack cheese cubes and a cup of coffee. I'm not usually very hungry in the morning, I mostly eat something to make sure I don't get hungry before my lunch break and then succumb to junk food in the lounge at work.

I know you said you are tired of bacon and eggs, but what about making some deviled eggs...they are so much more like an hors d'oeuvre than a breakfast food that they are a real treat! and enough work that you won't do them all the time. Or make some egg salad, I love to do this and scoop it up with veggies as if it were a dip.

Cottage cheese is another wonderful standby. I buy the little containers and just grab one as I head out the door in the morning.

How about a slice of ham wrapped around a piece of cheese for a change of pace? It's good, quick and easy.

The hardest part of this is getting your brain to remember that its the cereal companies and bakeries that have convinced us that carbs are breakfast now its time to train it to think differently. Its worth it because you will feel so much better.

Luckily I do like eggs - love eggs, but
(Julie - boysmom01)

Sometimes I just roll a piece of deli turkey and any cheese together. It doesn't have to be a big meal. Sometimes it's just string cheese by its self. You may find, after a week or two that you aren't hungry in the morning.

My favorite breakfast
(Raquel - raque2000)

My favorite breakfast is the same as my favorite snack, I roll a crispy romaine lettuce leaf with ham and cheese or cream cheese, I call it my lettuce burrito, it's yummy!

This isn't all that different but...
(Sarah - stormy_chica)

Make omelets with sausage, bacon, ham, as well as cheese and veggies (like mushrooms). That's what I try to do, but I never have the time. I was lucky enough to get an omelette-maker for Christmas.

Another idea is Migas. It's basically just scrambled eggs, sausage, and whatever else you want with a Tex-Mex flair. Add just a little spice - red pepper, or whatever. I would look up a recipe before taking this on my advice. Usually these are served with tortillas and salsa, but it's not necessary. I enjoy the salsa, but if you're sensitive to tomatoes, I wouldn't recommend it.


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