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An introduction to The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program (an message board)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are diet sodas and other artificial sweeteners okay?

A: Here is what the Hellers have to say about it. Visit their Web site.

All foods that taste sweet cause the body to release insulin. The human body evolved at a time when all sweet things were carbohydrate-rich and needed insulin to be metabolized. Artificial sweeteners and sugar substitutes "trick" the body, stimulating it to release insulin in preparation for "sugar" it assumes is in the food. But no sugar from artificially-sweetened food appears in the blood, so the insulin that is released, can lower take the blood sugar that remains in the bloodstream from past meals and will often channel this energy into the liver and fat cells. After consuming artificially-sweetened foods, some carbohydrate addicts then feel the effects of excess insulin or low-blood-sugar levels including nervousness, irritability, sweating, shakiness, or light-headiness. These symptoms may be mild but many others often experience cravings for junk food, snack food, or sweets, or for more artificially sweetened-foods, and generally the person goes looking for a sweet or snack or more artificially-sweetened beverages or foods.

In other words:
(Sarah - stormy_chica)

They're not good for you, but don't not start to follow this WOE because you would have to give up your coffee or diet soda. You can still have them in limited quantities throughout the day. Try to drink them less and less, and maybe then you can get over your addiction.

However, if you notice a plateau or increased carb cravings, that should be the first thing you should cut. It does make a difference.


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