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An introduction to The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program (an message board)
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Tidbits & Advice

Facts about MSG
(Raquel - raque2000)

MSG can be listed in any of the following ways:

  • Hydrolyzed plant protein
  • Hydrolyzed food protein
  • Hydrolyzed food starch
  • Natural flavors (I think it's very low of them to use this one!)
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Vegetable protein

Here's a little more info on where to find it (from CALP):

  • Many packaged, frozen, processed, dried, or canned foods may contain MSG but those foods that most consistently contain MSG include:

    bouillons, consommés, dips, canned or jarred fish and shellfish, canned meats, hot dogs, salad dressings, miso (soybean paste), luncheon meats, soups, sauces, canned poultry, teriyaki sauce, stocks, roasted or boiled soybeans, soy sauce, stews, tempeh.
  • Restaurant foods:

    In addition ot those above, look look out for the following restaurant foods that most onsistently contain msg:

    cheese sauces, sauces on meats and poultry in particular, hot dogs, luncheon meats, oriental dishes, soups, stews.

    You also have to watch out for Deli foods and keep in mind it's almost impossible to get any oriental dishes w/o MSG, even when they don't add any extra because it is contained in the actual ingredients such as soy sauce.
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