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An introduction to The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and Carbohydrate Addicts Lifespan Program (an message board)
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Success Stories

Where I started and where I am now
(Annette - school_sec)

Sandy's post inspired me to go back to last year's archieves and revisit where I was then as opposed to where I am now. This was good for me! I found that I was very enthusiastic, having just returned from a family wedding and still be heading downward on the scale. I found I've lost 32 pounds since this time last year, not a monumental amount but that still and average of half a pound a week! I know I was a size 20 then and that I felt so slim to have gotten to a 20!

Most intriguing though was where I was in the world of exercise. I was just making my first venture into aerobics as an alternative or supplement to walking. Boy, I've come a long way... since then I've taken an aerobics class twice a week for 8 months. Unfortunately, the at work class is no longer available but I've taken up resistence workouts with weights at the urging of my ds and I just this evening I mentioned to dh that I want to look for a place with an indoor pool to do water aerobics this winter. If I find one I plan to try to con someone from work to join me as I suspect they would drag me when I want to flake and I could do the same for them.

Thank you Sandy for inspiring me to go back and look... this board is a journal of my journey so far.

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