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Tidbits & Advice

Food that can cause bloating/water retention
(Donna - theoldmommy)

Found an old article on bloating and water retention... thought this was interesting. It listed these items and said that you can gain as much as 5 pounds of water weight for a period of one week if these things are in your diet. Some are obvious, some I was surprised to see.

*Iceberg lettuce
Frozen entrees
Some breakfast cereals
Tomato sauce
Canned vegetables
Some salad dressing
Enveloped seasoning mixes
Some pasta (high sodium in processing)
Soda, diet and regular
Artificial sweeteners

*These veggies contain a lot of water which is good but when eaten with some of the others they can cause water retention or even severe gas.

The article is too long to type but I thought the list was helpful. It said that even two sugar cookies could cause noticeable water weight gain but not to worries, it’s not fat storage. They recommend drinking plenty of water and taking a long walk to release stored water.

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